Baligan – Cabourg (Normandy) France

Restaurant Baligan 

Address: 8 Avenue Alfred Piat14390 Cabourg, France

Telephone: 0231241092
Open for lunch and dinner
If you want to enjoy good seafood (in a fairly sleepy Normandy town) this is the place to go to. Baligan is the local fisherman’s name for octopus – The essential theme is: – fresh – seasonal – well prepared. Take the menu or go a la carte and enjoy. We had the fishsoup as starter which was really tasty but unfortunately didn’t go for the seafood plate as main which looked very good at the table next to us.
Meals are a bit heavy with lots of cream or butter. This is typical from Normandy cuisine but may be too much for you . In that case, I recommend to just pick up a starter and a dessert, out of a menu offering an incredible assortment of gastronomic options.
Fantastic oysters!

The food served (especially fish and fruit de mer) is absolutely fantastic. The products we were served were excellent (especially the oysters) and fresh and tasty.

Lobster Risotto with with fish
This is where the locals go (crowded on the Saturday): a bustling, crowded and jolly atmosphere.
Carbonara de seiche, pâtes maison à l’encre de seiche (Black Carbonara with octopussy)

The personnel was also very nice, and after the dessert a small glass of Calvados was offred to us. If you love the fish soup, you can buy it take away. Do make reservations or you are disappointed as there are not that may places available.


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